South Australia

Office Bearers

Dr. Renjy Nelson

Vice President:
Kumar Arpudaswamy

Ms. Luisa Mozzi

Tijo Thomas

Newsletter Editor:
Mr. Gary Fielke

Address for Donations
38B Thomas Street, South Plympton, SA 5038

AGM 2021

2021 was not very different from 2020 with restrictions on gatherings, snap lockdowns, and travel restrictions. But an unexpected second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic in India which saw an increased mortality even in younger patients, drug and vaccine shortages and more importantly shortage of oxygen forced us to initiate an expedited fund-raising campaign for CMC Vellore which had barely recovered from the impact of the first wave which negatively affected the institution on many counts especially financially. Coupled with local restrictions and other factors that made a fund-raising dinner a less favourable option forced us to turn to an exclusive online fund-raising campaign.

We ran two parallel campaigns, one in partnership with FOV Australia towards CMC Vellore and another in partnership with Health Serve Australia towards struggling Mission Hospitals. We raised $54, 855 towards Mission Hospitals. Since we encouraged donors to donate towards CMC through PayPal or online directly to the National account, it?s not been possible to estimate the amount raised from South Australia. We are humbled and extremely grateful to all our donors who generously donated. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank Dr JV Peter for taking the effort to personally thank our donors. FOV

Vellore Presentations evening was held on Friday 14th May at 7pm at Rosefield Uniting Church, Highgate. Dr Anil Roy spoke, and the talk was titled ?Beyond Medicine – Lessons from Vellore.? The evening was attended by over 25 people and was well received.

On 23rd July 2021, CMC Vellore and University o Adelaide signed an MOU, the culmination of over 12 months of discussions, slowed only by the pandemic and I would like to thank Dr Ian Olver, Dr Rajan Sundaresan, Dr JV Peter, Dr Anna Pullimood and Mr Peter Bardadyn from Adelaide University for facilitating this. This will pave the way for collaborative research and exchange programmes across a range of medical and allied health specialities.

SA FOV AGM will be held at 7pm 5th November 2021 at Rosefield Uniting Church. Dr JV Peter will be speaking from Vellore.

I would also like to thank Mr Tijo Thomas for presenting his first annual SA FOV Finance Report, Dr Ian Roberts Thompson for his role as treasurer and the SA FOV committee members for their work in the last two years.

Thank you, Renjy Nelson

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