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The College

Medical – The CMC was initially started as a Medical School for women in 1918 by Dr. Ida Scudder. It was upgraded to a college in 1942. Men were admitted from 1947. At present it has an annual intake of 100 students for undergraduate degree (of which at least 25 are women) and postgraduate degree in various sub specialities.

Most of the students are sponsored by various church groups affiliated to CMC&H from various parts of India and are obliged to go back and serve at their respective mission hospitals for a period of time.

Nursing – The training for nurses in CMC began in 1904. The B.Sc degree was started in 1967, soon followed by M.Sc and Ph.D degrees. 

Allied Health – The beginning of training in allied health field was in 1903 as an informal class for compounders. At present CMC offers diverse courses in 43 Allied health Science programmes.

The Hospital Campuses

The hospital is spread over 9 campuses. Apart from the main campus in the town of Vellore, there are two ‘newer’ ones established in the past few years. The one at Chittoor is growing very fast and the about to be completed tertiary referral hospital at Kannigapuram will have 1400 beds when completed later in 2001. 

The Main Campus at Vellore:  2305 Beds

Community Health and Development at Bagayam:  140 beds

RUHSA :  70 Beds

Schell Eye Hospital: 100 Beds

Low Cost Effective Care Unit: 48 Beds

Mental Health Unit at Bagayam:  98 beds

Rehab Institute at Bagayam: 100 beds

Chittoor Campus: 120 beds

Nambikkai Nilayam: 24 beds


Facts & Figures : 2019 – 20

Full time Staff 10,635
Bed capacity 3,005
In-patients 144,132
Out-patients 3,023,213
Births 20,568


Total Income: A$ 276,182,000.00

Income Source –
Patient’s Fees:   97.5%
Student Fees:    0.52%
Contributions from supporting Organisations: 1.97%


Total Expenses:  A$245,786,000.00

Breakdown –
General Medical Care:  82%
Charity: 18%



Undergraduate Admissions :    100 per year
Post Graduate Seats :
  1.  Diploma courses   11
  2.  Degree Courses (MD/MS):   26
  3.  Fellowship Courses:   7
  4.  Post Doctoral Fellowship Courses:  65
  5.  Higher Speciality Courses (DM/MCh):  24
  6.  MSc Courses:  5

Undergraduate Admissions per year
  Vellore Campus
  1.  BSc  100
  2.  Midwifery Diploma  100
  Chittoor Campus BSc 50
Post Graduate:  2 Courses 
Post Diploma:  12 Courses 
Fellowships:  4 Courses

Allied Health Sciences
Undergraduate Degree Courses:  19
Undergraduate Diploma:  12
Post Graduate Diploma: 12

Distance Education Programmes
Post Graduate Diploma : 4
Other Fellowships and Certificate Courses:  7

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