New South Wales

Office Bearers


Dr. Robyn Bradley

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Liza Jacob


Dr. Gordon Thomas

Treasurer / Newsletter Editor:

Dr. Stephen Aseervatham


P O Box 3040, Valentine 2280


Ph: 0418 403 213

Report of the NSW Friends of Vellore.

AGM Australian Vellore Board, 23rd October 2021.

Dear Friends,

This has been a very different year for us all, dominated by the news and spread of the coronavirus in Australia and around the world. Unlike India, in Australia, living on an island, we were incredibly fortunate in being able to contain the virus in the early stages, and recently have been able to cope with the pandemic outbreaks with the advent of the vaccine. India has suffered greatly; the outbreaks of the virus causing major tragedy and loss of life for so many families, medical services totally overwhelmed, and families living with many generations under one roof being unable to shield themselves from the infection.

In response to the concerns of many people in NSW, we sent out our newsletter early in May, and were able to paint a picture of the current situation at Vellore and explain how to assist directly, thanks to the recent communications from Vellore and the Director. As a result, donations in NSW reached $26,731, compared to $16,300 the previous year. In addition, some of our regular donors sent donations directly to the Board Support Fund. My very sincere thanks to Stephen our Treasurer for managing all the donations, receipts and extra paperwork and time required.

Beth Walker, widow of Reg Walker, died in a Nursing Home in Canberra on 1st August. Aged 91. She had been a great supporter of Vellore in her own right, in addition to supporting Reg while they lived there in 1974. She loved her time at Vellore and returned with many recipes she had learned from their cook, Ratnam. Beth had always offered generous hospitality to Friends of Vellore in Australia, to Vellore alumni, to visiting Directors and medical staff, and had cooked most enthusiastically for many a curry dinner.

My thanks to Stephen for all his work as President of the Board, and to the other directors. It has also been very good to have the various letters and communications from Vellore passed on so often, as we feel much more in touch with what is happening.

Hoping this next year is happier and healthier for all across the world,

Yours sincerely,

Robyn Bradley President, NSW Friends of Vellore

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