New South Wales

Office Bearers


Dr. Robyn Bradley

Vice Chairman:

Dr. Liza Jacob


Dr. Gordon Thomas

Treasurer / Newsletter Editor:

Dr. Stephen Aseervatham


P O Box 3040, Valentine 2280


Ph: 0418 403 213

June 2022

May 2021


Report of the NSW branch of the Australian Friends of Vellore.

2021 – 22

It was wonderful to read the news of the ranking of CMC Vellore in 11 specialities and to see CMC recognised as one of the world?s best Specialised Hospitals, 2023, after conferring so widely. It is so inspiring to be able to support a hospital such as this and being aware of the training that the health professionals there are receiving.

NSW Friends did not have any specific fundraising event this past 12 months but are very grateful to have received donations to the level of $24,400 which is close to that of the previous year when the special call to assist with COVID was put out. We are also aware that some donors did this directly to the Board, which is not a problem in any way. I am grateful for all the work that Stephen does and thank him as our treasurer in addition to being the National President.

 Binojan and Anusha recently hosted an ALUMNI gathering of 19 at their home in Strathfield in Sydney which was a very happy event. We are hoping to have another such gathering in the new year including other FOV in 2023.

A Scholarship has been initiated in memory of Reg and Beth Walker of $5000 annually for Allied Health Students at Vellore to commence in the next financial year. This would be a wonderful enduring tribute to their involvement at CMC over about a 60-year period, both through Australian FOV and then with a 12-month period working at CMC.

I apologise for not being able to attend in person this year but will be there virtually.

Yours sincerely,

Robyn Bradley President, NSW FOV

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