Vistors & Volunteers

Many Visitors and Volunteers from all over the world go to Vellore every year to spend varying amount of time. Many Australians have worked at Vellore over the years in various medical and allied health fields, some of them for man years. We also have students, medical as well as allied health go and spend a few weeks as part of their elective terms.

Volunteers usually pay their travel expenses. Many, upon their return to Australia, continue to support Vellore by sharing their experiences with others and also participate in the various activities of the Friends of Vellore.

All the State Committees welcome health professionals and others who wish to share their expertise with the staff of CMCH. 

We also would encourage you to visit Vellore if you are in that neck of the woods. It would be a challenging and enlightening experience

The CMC Directorate had produced an exhaustive document with all the information required for Volunteers and Visitors who wish to go to Vellore

Please read all information required by visiting the

Guide for Volunteers and Visitors

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