Where do our contributions go?

The donations we receive fall under two categories: designated and undesignated.

Designated Donations.

CMC is a huge organisation, spread over 7 campuses. There are many worthy causes which do not get the financial support from the institution because the budget can only cover so much. The institution has acknowledged the importance of such projects and is very happy for friends to donate towards them. These tax-deductible donations are sent across to Vellore to be allocated for the specific purposes for which they are intended. Such donations can be from individuals or groups such as alumni from a particular year or churches.

Almost two thirds of our donations are towards designated causes. If you wish to donate for a designated project, it is probably best to send it to the Board by Direct Bank Debit. It is the most expeditious and cost effective way to do.

Undesignated Donations

Donations we receive from friends at large during the year which are not designated for a specific purpose fall under this category. The Board makes the decision on how this money is allocated. We seek the advice of the CMC Director’s office in determining these decisions. Now and then the Director may ask for a large amount to be sent for an important cause. For example, recently we were able to help CMC with procuring the ICU equipment during the COVID pandemic. We also have ongoing annual commitments to support student scholarships and overseas fellowships for staff on study leave.

Your donation.

You may be moved to support a particular cause at Vellore. If it is already approved, then there are no problems. If, however, it is a new project, permission will be needed from the administration. Please contact us and we will facilitate this process.

We wish to highlight a few of the designated projects for your kind consideration. These have been supported by many friends around the world in recent years.

1. The Person to Person

The scheme gives an opportunity to contribute to the cost of a specific patient’s care. CMC augments the donations received by contributing fourfold and a maximum of Rs 50,000 (A$1000.00) is allocated towards one patient.

As the donor, you will receive a report from CMC about the patient who benefited from your donation with details about the person, what he or she was treated for and the outcome.

This is a very popular project among the international friends of Vellore.

2. The Low-Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU)

Situated a few kms from the Vellore campus, it aims to provide quality but low-cost care to the poorest inhabitants of Vellore. Patients pay a nominal amount for registration and are only charged for drugs and investigations; even those charges are according to the individual’s ability to pay. There are clinics run by this department in old Vellore town. Community health workers are involved in educating the community and acting as go-betweens by referring patients to the unit. Some years ago, a generous couple from Perth donated a vehicle for this department.

3. Jawadhi Hills Project.

This is an area, 60 km from Vellore, where about 80,000 people live under extreme poverty and poor access. Unfortunately, their health, literacy, and development indicators are quite low. The community Health and Development Department (CHAD) has been working in this area and needs funds to support this project. International FOVs including Australia have been generously contributing towards it in the past few years.

Doctors and nurses travel daily to conduct clinics. They also have been working in four villages to build toilets and install clean water supplies. Health workers from among the local residents whom they have recruited promote health and provide a link between the community and CMC.

Two years ago, the AVB donated a four-wheel drive vehicle for the sole purpose of accessing rough terrain in the hills. We also donated an ultrasound machine for the antenatal care and paid towards wages for the health workers.

CMC eventually would like to establish a permanent clinic with resident staff – doctors and Nurses.

This is an exciting place to visit and to support with your prayers and with financial aid.



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