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Under graduate and Post graduate Alumni from
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Region


Dr. Mahiban Thomas




Dr. Sharon Thomas




Dr. Abdul Lathif


Australasian Alumni Reunion

Sept 29th – Oct 1st, 2023

Wrest Point Hotel, Sandy Bay

Hobart, Tasmania


Anu and Nitin Verma



The Covid 19 pandemic continued to affect activities related to CMC Vellore Australian Alumni
Association in 2021 and 2022. However, the pandemic also gave us an opportunity to
participate in various projects and relief efforts spearheaded by CMC Vellore in India.

Activities and Highlights:
We held three zoom meetings during 2021. Although turnout was less than expected those
who attended enjoyed catching up with each other. Dr Kanta Subbarao and Dr Chellam
Kirubakaran gave educational talks attended by local and international alumni, both followed
by virtual catch ups. A virtual meeting of the executive was held on 7th October 2021.
The Alumni WhatsApp Group is active and an efficient means to transmit news and
information. Some state groups have had local get togethers, always enjoyable for the
company and good food! We encourage all alumni who have achieved professional
achievements, family milestones or participated in altruistic efforts, to share their news via
the WhatsApp group. Membership to the group is for the asking, for undergrad and post grad
alumni of CMC Vellore.
Dr Isaac Muthiah , who was secretary of the Alumni Association resigned from the post. The
Committee thank him for his enthusiastic and faithful term in office, especially organising the
Alumni Association meeting in 2018 in Alice Springs/ULURU and in Bali in 2019.

Committee members
Honorary President: Mahiban Thomas
Honorary Secretary: Geeta Sales
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Abdul Lathif
Honorary Publicity Officer: Deepti Prasad

Collaboration with Australia Vellore Board:
The AVB AGM was held on Saturday 23 October 2021, by Zoom. Dr Mahiban Thomas as
president of Alumni association attended as well as Dr. Geeta Sales as secretary. Dr JV Peter,
then director, gave an account of how CMC Vellore fared during the second wave of the
COVID pandemic, with emphasis on medical, financial, and fund-raising aspects. He
expressed gratitude to all Australian supporters.

Fund Raising:
Fund raising was by donations, by spontaneous goodwill for the Alma Mater, as well as in
response to appeals from CMC Vellore.
Many of our Alumni gave generously to a Mission Hospital appeal. Money was transferred via
Health Serve Australia, who were able to transfer the money to CMAI in India, who in turn
disbursed the funds as allocated, without an administrative fee.

We explored the idea of a reunion in November 2021, but there was still uncertainty around
COVID and lockdowns, so this plan was deferred.

Acknowledgements and Thanks:
I would like express thanks to my fellow committee members for their efforts during the past
year. I also gratefully acknowledge and thank our many alumni for participation in activities
and generous donations.

Dr Geeta Sales
Honorary (Interim) secretary



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