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Message by Dr. Mahiban Thomas

7th October 2021

Dear fellow Alumni,

The Executive of our Australian Association met on Thursday 7th October 2021. 

There was a lively discussion which agreed on the following plans:

  1. To do an AGM online would not do justice- face-to-face meetings are far better attended, allow far more inclusive decisions. As such the Exec has agreed to meet regularly to monitor the first available opportunity to meet in person, and possibly to reach out to Jubilee and the NZ team that was not far from our last planned meeting – to see if this can be reinstated. 
  2. Until such time, the academic and social meetings on Zoom, so well organized by Deepti, will continue to be a hub for us to communicate virtually. 
  3. Dr Isaac Muthaih, our secretary, wished to step down. His superb service, running two excellent meetings in Alice/Uluru and in Bali was recorded and he was gratefully thanked. In the inability to elect a new secretary, the Executive unanimously agreed to nominate in the interim, Dr Geeta Sales as the Interim Secretary until the first opportunity to meet in person. Please welcome her to this role, and please thank Dr Isaac for his amazing and dedicated service. 

Lastly, a special mention. It must be noted that the CMC Alumni have been able to drive a fund raising for the Mission Hospitals in India, mostly serviced by our classmates, to assist in their need during the recent COVID wave. An amazing effort with very pleasant outcomes for many. Thank you.




$42,350.00  Donated

58   Donors

Goal $200,000.00  – 21% Funded

58   Donors

This campaign is in partnership with the Australian Alumni Association of CMC Vellore 

Mission hospitals serving the most under-served populations in India are now in the thick of the battle as they are facing an overwhelming wave of CIVID patients. The staff are mentally, physically and emotionally near exhaustion but continue to focus on their work. Several of the staff are also down with the infection. They need our help.

The most difficult part of this wave is having to turn away patients when the Oxygen supplies dip below critical or when they completely run out of beds and gurneys and make-shift surfaces to help patients. The most urgent needs are for oxygen supply ? in the form of oxygenators, concentrators, oxygen generator plants. In addition there is a severe shortage of Ventilators, Bi-Pap /CPAP equipment, defibrillators, Pulse Oximeters, ECG machines. Consumables like PPE kits, face-shields, glucometers are also high in demand. Some of the small hospitals would manage sanitization and bed linen with ordinary washing machines previously. Now with the high patient turnover, they urgently need a hospital standard laundromat and additional bed linen.

It is a struggle to not just save as many patients? lives as possible but also keep their staff as safe as possible to continue to fight. Your contributions will have a direct impact on saving lives and providing a good enough standard of care and dignity to patients.

In too many places, the situation on the ground is almost worse than what you see in the media. We expect the current wave of patients to get worse as per the projections before it gets better.

And it will get better. With your help and your prayers, we will conquer this.

This campaign was initiated by a few alumni in Australia to help the mission hospitals in India. A MoU was established between the Healthserve Australia and Australian Alumni Association to formalise this fund. The donations are tax deductible and will be sent to Christian Medical Association India (CMAI), who will supervise the distribution of funds to hospitals in need. A big thanks to Renjy Nelson (Batch 88) and Mahiban (Batch 1981) who were instrumental in making it possible.


CMC Alumni Association

Dear Friends,

The pandemic has changed the way we live and see the world. Some of our alumni were affected and a few did succumb. Let us pray that the vaccine is widely available soon. In the midst of all this, the message of Christmas brings us hope and cheer.

In this Alumni Newsletter we summarize key events involving alumni in 2020.

Many departments in CMC, as well as its extramural and intramural alumni, made notable achievements in 2020. At the end of the year, it is good to review these accolades and celebrate our successes.

This newsletter also lists alumni who passed away in 2020 and whose lives, work, and friendship we honour and cherish.

We will be grateful if alumni could provide write-ups, pictures, reflections, or obituaries for inclusion in the website: ( Our new Editor has revived the Alumni Journal so kindly give of your literary talents.

Christmas is a season of hope, peace and goodwill. We wish you all happiness and fulfilment. As we are at the brink of another new year, let us renew and rededicate ourselves to uphold the motto of our Alma Mater: ?Not to be ministered unto but to minister?. We have an important role in today?s uncertain world to promote peace, uphold ethical values and share God?s love.

Three cheers for the ?Silver and Blue?.

With warm regards and best wishes,

Abraham Peedicayil   (1975) – President
Vaibhav Londhe (1992) – Secretary

On behalf of the Alumni Association

Alumni Newsletter 2020

Silver Lining

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Issue 1  August 2019

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