COVID Emergency Fund

We are all too aware of the tragedy currently taking place in India, and that the figures we see are probably grossly underrepresenting the extent of this Second COVID wave.

The state Government has asked CMC Vellore to allocate 1500 beds including ICU beds to treat COVID patients. As it stands today, all the beds are occupied and unfortunately CMC had to turn away new patients.

They are facing three major problems.

Firstly, the availability of trained medical staff.

Secondly, a shortage of life saving equipment, ventilators, monitors etc.

Thirdly, the vaccine programme is stalled due to costs. The current cost is higher than most can afford at Rs.250 (A$5), of which Rs.150 goes to the Govt and the rest to costs of needles, syringes, and running the programme.

The Director has mentioned about their urgent needs, which includes ventilators, BiPAP machines, portable oxygen concentrators, PPE consumables and also the cost involved with the vaccination campaign.

Recently we received an appeal from CMC to fund their campaign to vaccinate 70,000 individuals.

Funds are urgently raised in Australia which will go directly to Vellore and be made available for use straightaway.

If you would like to donate towards this, it would be wonderful, and your donations are tax deductible. As a rule, none of the tax-deductible donations are used for our overhead expenses.

Unless otherwise specified by you, all donations at present are assigned for supporting the Christian Medical College in Vellore during the current COVID emergency.

If you wish to contribute, you have 3 options available:

  1. Via your state branch of the FOV
  2. By Direct Bank Debit
  3. Online

Please click on the appropriate option.

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