Designated Donations

If you wish to donate for a designated project ( eg. Class Project), it is probably best to send it to the Board by Direct Bank Debit. It is the most expeditious and cost effective way to do. If you belong to a state group of FOV and wish send your annual donation or to make a non designated general donation, then we encourage you to send it via your respective state branch.

The Bank details are:

Name: Vellore CMCH Support Fund

BSB: 064 183

Ac. No: 1018 9118

Please provide the following information for us.

  1. Name(s) of the Donors(s)
  2. Postal Address
  3. The Name of the Designated Project
  4. Account Code for the Project – (If you have been provided with. If not, don’t worry. We will get it from CMC).

We will forward to you the receipt for tax deduction purposes, by Email

Your donation will be allocated from the funds we hold with the finance department and under normal circumstances will be received by the intended recipient within a month.

Contact Email:

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