Our Donations in 2020 / 21

Early in 2000, when the COVID Pandemic was in it’s early stages in India, CMC requested us to help them with funding their work in dealing with the heavy load of patients they were expecting, it being a tertiary referral Hospital.

During the first wave, the Australian Vellore Board allocated almost A$400,000.00 specifically for COVID related expenses. It went a long way in them obtaining ventilators and other ICU equipment.

Since the current second wave struck them, there was another appeal from them as they were requested by the Tamil Nadu Government to provide 1500 beds including ICU facilities. We were blessed by the overwhelming good will from the alumni, friends and even other Indian expatriates with their generous unsolicited donations. It was really heartening.

We recently transferred A$200,000.00. There was a special request from the Director to help them with their plans to vaccinate 70,000 adults in their service area. It was not certain whether the pledge made by the Central Government to provide free vaccination to all adults would be extended to the private institution like CMC who have been purchasing the vaccine from other sources. Each shot costs about A$20.00. We have allocated A$30,000.00 towards this vaccination program and hope to make further allocations in the coming days.

Summary of the Donations received from our supporters and

transferred to Vellore during the Calendar Year 2020

COVID General Ward

Low Cost Effective Care Unit                       10,000.00
COVID  – General Expenses                       54,085.00
COVID  – ICU Beds                     340,223.00
Kannigapuram Trauma Centre                       10,200.00
Person to Person Scheme – PTP                         8,670.00
Under Grad Alumni Project(s)                       38,651.00
Post Grad Alumni Project                       21,295.00
Staff Overseas Travel Fellowship                       14,500.00
Student Scholarships                       20,700.00
Distant Education Department                       10,000.00
Jawadhi Hills Project                       10,200.00
RUHSA                         1,000.00
Mobile Eye Unit                       18,000.00
Miscellaneous Projects                         4,850.00
Total                   A$  562,374.00


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