Vaccinate Vellore Campaign

Now that deaths from Covid-19 in India are declining just a little, the CMC is looking ahead towards the next stage in the fight against the pandemic.

It has initiated a Vaccinate Vellore campaign, which it is calling ?Reach the Unreached: Enabling communities to remain safe during the covid-19 pandemic.?

Vaccination Camp at RUHSA

It aims to vaccinate 400,000 under-served and unreached people in the local community. As the Director, Dr J V Peter writes: ?We are clear that we will be targeting those at risk who have barriers to access vaccination?the poor, elderly, persons with disabilities, geographicall remote locations with poor connectivity as well as lack of digital access.?

Vaccination Camp at RUHSA

The cost of the initial phase is estimated at AUD 2.1 million, fully vaccinating 70,000 people. This includes the cost of vaccines, staff costs for administering and other associated expenses.

Although the Indian Government has announced that it will pay for the vaccines, it is unlikely that in the near future private hospitals such as the CMC will be eligible. The campaign will go ahead.

The AVB has committed AUD 30,000 to the campaign, and hopes to increase this amount when further donations are received.

For a detailed summary of the project you can read the memorandum of the Director, Dr J V Peter.

Vaccinate Vellore 2021

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