Our Stories, Our CMC


Our Stories, Our CMC is a DVD package that introduces just some of the people and services that places the Christian medical College Vellore at the forefront of medical care in India.

There are ten Programmes on this disc – some provide an overall view – while others focus on individual stories.

in Our History you will hear how Dr Ida Scudder was called to start her simple clinic. Then see how CMC has grown into a hospital that meets the needs of hundreds of thousands of patients each year.

There are inspirational stories of research and stories of communities whose lives have been touched by CMC’s unique way of serving the sick and needy.

You will also discover how hands-on-training is key to the quality and dedication on CMC’s graduates.

Of course we face tremendous challenges in the New India.

CMC Director, Dr Sunil Chandy, outlines his vision for the future and makes a heartfelt call to ensure that the hospital is able to meet these demands.

We believe that everything we do, whether it is healthcare, patient care, service or research is rooted in the values that the Christian faith teaches us.

This journey of faith needs your prayers and gifts to continue transforming lives through excellence in healthcare, education and research.

If you wish to obtain a hard copy of this video, please contact your local state branch or contact me. We would be more than happy to send you a copy of the DVD.

Stephen Aseervatham, Australian Vellore Board, P O Box 3040, Valentine NSW 2280

Email: cmcavb@gmail.com

The programmes are available on You Tube for you to watch.

Soon we will have a down load link on our web page.

Here is a brief overview about CMC featured in the DVD.

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