CMC’s Person to Person Fund (PTP) began in the 1970s to provide good healthcare at an affordable cost for poor patients. Every year, PTP links hundreds of generous donors to deserving and financially burdened patients. Faithful friends and committed donors help us support over 2000 patients every year. PTP gives […]

This is an area, 60 km from Vellore, where about 80,000 people live under extreme poverty and poor access. Unfortunately, their health, literacy, and development indicators are quite low. The community Health and Development Department (CHAD) has been working in this area and needs funds to support this project. International […]

After the two past years, which were dominated by the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, it has been a quieter year. Due to the continuing COVID restrictions and the cautious attitude of our friends, many of whom belong to the older age group, it was not feasible for the state […]

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Vellore Board was held at Nazareth Lutheran Church, Woolloongabba, Queensland, on Saturday 22 November 2022. It was the first AGM since the outbreak of the pandemic. There were 22 attendees, with twelve physically present and the remainder participating via zoom. The meeting started […]


The Report

The Annual General Meeting of the Australian Vellore Board took place on Saturday 23rd October 2021, at 2 pm AEDT, by Zoom. Dr J. V. Peter was the guest speaker. The President Stephen welcomed everyone to the zoom meeting and invited the attendees to introduce themselves. There were total of […]

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