Latest News about COVID at CMC

CMC has been requested by the Tamil Nadu State Government to provide 1500 beds to treat COVID patients during the current second wave. It includes ICU Beds.

We will be updating the periodic bulletins released by CMC Administration.


21st May 2021

Message from Development Office at CMC on 11th June 2021

The statistics available in the above ?CMC COVID summary? page is outdated. During the peak of pandemic, 1,150 beds was allocated for COVID care in all three campuses, including 203 beds for ICU care.

In the last few days, there was a gradual decrease in the number of new cases reported in Tamil Nadu. Due to this, CMC has repurposed some of the Level 1 COVIS wards (non-O2 beds) for non-COVID patient care. Although the number of new cases is beginning to reduce, the pressure on our ICU and level 2 care COVID beds remains high.

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