50th Anniversary First Kidney Transplant in India

February 2nd, 2021 announces the 50th year since the first successful kidney transplant in CMC. The same day in the year 1971, a highly skilled team of doctors and nurses in CMC performed the first transplant which was a milestone in the nation?s history of health care. Read More

Dr. Mohan Rao

Dr Mohan Rao migrated to Australia in late 70s and have been working in Adelaide as a Renal Transplant Surgeon until his retirement ten years ago. He preformed the first living donor laparoscopic kidney transplant at Queens Elizabeth Hospital in 1977. It has replaced the more painful open method in all transplant centers in Ausrtralia.

He was awarded A.M. few years ago for his services to the medical field. Since retirement he has been helping many of his colleagues around the world. In 2014 he established the renal transplant services in Brunei; he travels there at least six times every year.

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