Consultation 2016

The 5th International Consultation 2016 was held from 2nd to 6th October, 2016 at the Scudder Auditorium and Examination Hall. The theme for this Consultation was ?Striving for Excellence in all Spheres? and was well attended by national and international experts and CMC faculty, staff and students.

As a run up for this Consultation, over 20 groups introspected and analysed CMC?s position in various spheres and planned trajectories, which were discussed within the institution, with the administration and at the Consultation Circles with additional input from external experts.


On the first day, the Consultation began with the theme Theology-Vision-Mission- Ethics. The morning began with a time of devotion on ?Advancing the Kingdom of God? by Mr. Paul Balasundaram, associated with the organisation Starfish, India, a powerful message which set the pace for the Consultation.

This was followed by meaningful keynote addresses on the ?Theology of the Cross? by Dr. Arul Anketell from Sri Lanka, associated with Healthcare Christian Fellowship (HCF), ?Revisiting the Vision and Mission? by Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey, ?Witness? by Dr. Vinod Shah, and ?Christian Ethics in Healing Process? by Dr. Joshua Kalapati from Madras Christian College (MCC). This was followed by presentations, group discussions and a plenary session chaired by Dr. Samuel Chittaranjan and Dr. Joyce Ponnaiya. The first day ended with a Chapel Service where the message was delivered by Dr. M.C. Mathew, Chairman, CMC Vellore Association, followed by a Sound and Light Show at the Sunken Garden, organised by Dr. Sanjeeth Peter and team.

On the 2nd day, the devotion was led by Rev. Dr. T. Arul Dhas based on the theme Education. Keynote addresses by Dr. R.W. Alexander Jesudason, Principal and Secretary of MCC, on ?Indian Christian Colleges ? Their Mission and Role,? followed by ?Challenges and Opportunities in Health Professional Education? by Dr. Abraham Joseph, former Director of Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research, Dimapur, were delivered. This was followed by presentations and discussions on Education at the Medical College. The plenary on this was chaired by Dr. George Mathew.

There were also keynote addresses by Dr. Ardith Z. Doorenbos, from University of Washington – School of Medicine, Seattle, on the ?Future of Global Nursing? followed by discussions on nursing education at the College of Nursing and a plenary chaired by Dr. Punitha Ezhilarasu and Mrs. Rosaline Jayakaran.

In the evening open house session, there was a talk by Dr. V.I. Mathan, challenging the staff and students on their role in CMC entitled ?To the 7th Generation.? Dr. Johnny Oommen then addressed the gathering in a passionate and yet humorous talk on ?Life after CMC!? delivered in his own distinct style. The programme started with lead-in songs and ended with an entertainment by the medical students.

On the 3rd day, devotion was led by Rev. Dr. T. Aruldhas on the theme for the day – CMC as a Leader ? Responding to Challenges ? Governance ? Research ? Bioethics ? Human Resource. Keynote addresses followed, which were delivered by Dr. Sunil T. Chandy on ?CMC as a Leader,? Dr. M.C. Mathew on ?Opportunities for CMC Vellore at its Hundredth Year of Medical Education,? and Dr. Fr. Thomas C. Mathew, Vice-Chancellor of Christ University, Bengaluru, on ?Alternate Models in the Administration of Education,? where he stressed the importance of autonomy in education. Dr. George M. Chandy then spoke on ?Understanding the Times? followed by group discussions and a plenary chaired by Dr. Suranjan Bhattacharji.

The focus then shifted to Research, with a keynote address by Dr. Anindya Dutta, from University of Virginia, representing Vellore CMC Foundation Inc. New York, on ?The Direction CMC can Take? and the support the Foundation is willing to provide. This was followed by group discussions and a plenary chaired by Dr. V.I. Mathan. A session on Bioethics with group discussions followed by a session on Human Resource at CMC with hall discussions and a presentation by Dr. M.J. Paul on ?Work Life Balance at CMC,? followed, both of which were chaired by Dr. Prathap Tharyan. The day ended with a Concert by Hill Song College, Australia, and Glorious, from Bengaluru.

On 4th day, the devotion was led by Rev. Dr. Finney Alexander based on Patient Services ? Quality ? Legal ? Community Outreach ? Mission Outreach ? Partnerships. The keynote addresses, began with Dr. Daleep S. Mukarji on ?Community Outreach-My Perspective,? Dr. Abraham Mammen on Medico-legal issues pertaining to healthcare workers. This was followed by discussions on the above themes including services at CMC with presentations, at a plenary chaired by Dr. S.R. Banerjee Jesudason and Dr. Daleep Mukarji.

One of the most important facets of our being is Missions and Partnerships for which the rest of the afternoon was devoted. Dr. Suranjan Bhattacharji initiated discussions based on a talk ?Who is my neighbour?? followed by Dr. Nesa Joseph from Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis who was introduced by Dr. Honorine Ward, Chair, Vellore CMC Foundation Inc., New York, and he spoke on the topic ?Is A Just Christian Health System in India an Ideal or Reality??

This was followed by group discussions and a plenary chaired by Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey and Dr. Isaac Jebaraj. The evening open-hall session started, following lead-in songs by nursing students. Dr. Leah Macaden spoke on ?Nurses as Ambassadors? and Dr. Paul Balasundaram spoke on ?Ideas have Consequences.? The day ended with an entertainment by the nursing students.

On the final day of Consultation 2016, the focus was on Other Campuses ? Information Technology ? Infrastructure ? Safety ? Finance. Rev. D.P. Joseph Devaraj led the devotion. The day?s keynote address was on ?E-health in Digital India? via video-conferencing by Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari, associated with Centre for Health Informatics, National Health Portal. This was followed by hall discussions on IT at CMC chaired by Dr. Suresh Devasahaym. Presentations on Safety, Infrastructure at CMC, Kannigapuram and Chittoor, were followed by discussions chaired by Dr. Edwin Stephen, Mr. T.S. Ravikumar, Mr. P.W.C. Davidar, IAS and Dr. M.C. Mathew for the various sessions. The afternoon commenced with a talk on ?Finance-Prudence and Logic? by Mr. Collin Timms from Guardian Bank, Bengaluru, followed by a presentation on Finance at CMC, with hall discussions; the plenary was chaired by Dr. Ravi J. Korula. Consultation 2016 then came to an end with a valedictory function.

Each day?s meetings opened up opportunities to pay attention to the wisdom and suggestions of external speakers, in addition to faculty, staff and students from CMC. Some of CMC?s outstanding alumni, influential well-wishers, representatives from overseas Friends of Vellore groups, leaders from the mission field and members of the Council also took part in this planning exercise. The discussions and trajectories will be presented to the special Council in October 2016, and thereafter made into strategic grids with further input, before receiving final approval by the Council in January 2017.

CMC, as an institution has traditionally gone through this process of reflection, self-evaluation and strategic planning for the future. In the past, this process was held in 1980, 1991, 2002, and 2010. Since the target and action plans from the previous Consultation have mostly been met or superseded by other developments, CMC organised Consultation 2016. CMC thanks Dr. John C. Muthusami, Professor of Surgery, who willingly shouldered the entire responsibility of organising Consultation and spearheaded its success.

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