Donation of Ultra Sound Scanner to Jawadhi Hills by Queensland FOV

Dr. Bella George, the President of the Australian Vellore Board had the opportunity to visit CHAD (Community Health and Development) during the Council meetings in January 2015. She was very interested to hear about the project in Jawadhi Hills. During her discussions with Prof. Yasmine Prasad, the head of the Community Health Department, she gathered that they were looking for an Ultra Sound Scanner (USS) for Jawadhi Hills.

Since returning to Brisbane, she spoke about this with the Executive of the Board, and they were all keen to support this project in purchasing a USS.

Dr. Yasmine Prasad discussed this with Seimens, a company specialising in this equipment and they were generous enough to provide the machine with 5 year warranty for Rs.1300,000/, at a discount of 180,000/.

The Australian Board has agreed to pay towards the purchase of this equipment.

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