Letter from Dr. Sunil Chandy

On the 2nd Anniversary of his Directorship





Dearest Friends,

Greetings from the Directorate.

There are brief moments when one glances at the rear-view mirror to look at the road travelled as we continue the onward journey. This is one such time for me. Yesterday, I completed two years in the office of the Director. Today, on the 23rd of September 2014, my third year begins. I look back at the last two years with gratitude to God for helping me lead the institution. This letter is a token of my appreciation and thankfulness to everyone in the institution for making these two years smooth for me.

With little experience in the Directorate, it seemed a daunting task to understand the complexity of administering a large institution like CMC. To fathom the depth of work of so many departments has been a task which is still unfolding before me. To represent the institution on extra-institutional fora, to the courts of our land, to the government and bureaucracy has been a humbling experience. I acknowledge the role that each of you has played, individually and collectively, in helping me do my job thus far.  Individually you have all been the musicians in the orchestra, collectively we have put out a music that I have been content with. Thank you, thank you for your partnership and team-spirit.

I have learnt much through this two year journey. The biggest learning for me has been that our success as a community of caring individuals carries far greater value than a community of intellectuals. In keeping with that, I have insisted on keeping the Directorate as a friendly, open and accessible. I thank my colleagues in the Directorate in demonstrating this sentiment to all who come. My prayer is that love, care and concern will continue to leaven our offices, ward rounds, teaching and official interactions. Our uniqueness as an institution is undoubtedly our caring demeanor for which I get complimented on your behalf.  It gives me goose pimples. You take the honour please. But let this continue.

We have lots of tasks ahead. The New Campus is not a dream anymore. It?s a dire need and I am happy that it?s taking shape. A new-look Main campus with better facilities is also begun to happen. New systems to make us more efficient and optimization of space are all happening on the side-lines. These are your ideas, not mine. I am only privileged to implement them. In all this I need your wholehearted support and hand-holding. Just step forward.

We have challenges ahead. But I believe that with God on our side and a committed, passionate set of young workers in front, we can move ahead. With that confidence, I am embarking into my third year. Do pray for me and my administrative colleagues when you can, even if it is for a minute between coffee-breaks or a moment in the hospital chapel. Your intercessions have great value.

I thank God for you. I pray that in and through the long hours of work you will feel a part of this great story of CMC. For there is no greater privilege than being a part of this great institution.

I want to thank you for your whole-hearted support and encouragement to me in the various activities of the institution.

God Bless you, your family, your children.

Sunil Chandy

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