Production of a New DVD

The Team who made the award winning video, Home of a Healing God are returning to CMC to make a new film.

From the 31st of August until the 10th of September the same creative team who made the successful documentary ? Home of a Healing God in 2007 returned to the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Southern India.

?Our approach this time is going to be slightly different,? said producer Tim Nicholls from his base in Sydney. ?We wondered if a 30 minute film was the way to go. After all, the principal way stories are shared today is on-line. And we all know how frustrating it is to down-load half an hour of material.?

To make sure the new CMC story is seen as widely as possible the team will be producing a series of short micro documentaries that will showcase CMC activities. Some of these micro-docs will be as short as three minutes while others will be longer. The filming has been completed and the crew has returned home. Tim Nichols is in the process of editing the material. We are awaiting for the finished product, in the near future.

They created a blog and you could follow the filming process as it happened. A very interesting rading.

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