AGM 2014

The AGM of the Australian Board of the Christian Medical College, Vellore was held at 11 am on 23rd August, 2104, at St. Matthew?s Church, Marryatville, Adelaide, S.A. The following members were in attendance: Professor Ian Olver (President), Dr. Bella George (Vice-President), Elizabeth Guiver (Secretary), Dr. Sharon Thomas (Qld. Representative), Gabrielle Fraser (Tas. Representative),  Dr. Benji D?Souza (Alumni Representative), Dr. Anil  Roy, Professor Ian Roberts-Thomson, Dr. Renjy Nelson, and Dr. Daryl Teague (S.A. Representatives).  Apologies were received from: Dr. John Renu (W.A.), Devi Conde (N.T.), Richard Caitens (Treasurer & Public Officer), Stephen Aseervatham (Publicity Officer), Dr. Vineet Nayyar (Alumni Representative).

 Dr. Daryl Teague led devotions by focusing on Moses words to the Hebrews, Deuteronomy 30: 19, ?Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him.  For the Lord is your life?.  This was the passage of scripture that Daryl had passed onto his son and, that now he was passing it onto the Board members.

 Ian Olver mentioned in his Report the importance of ?relationships? and believed that the training medical professionals and others received in Australia, particularly in South Australia, was leaving its mark.  He briefly commented on Hugh Skiel?s follow up with students; leadership by the Vellore Directorate; Tim Nicholls?s proposed new DVD which would contain five or six short stories; $1,000 donated via website; on Ida Scudder?s house although in disrepair, could be used to support the orphanage which is situated directly opposite and; the communication via teleconferencing had simplified and reduced the length of the AGM while keeping executive members up to date.  He recalled the influence that Dr. Frank Garlick had on his life.

Richard Caitens’ Report highlighted that $175.000 had been sent to CMC Vellore.  An acknowledgment of Richards’ involvement with the Board for over 20 years, and his service was noted.

The following were elected as Office Bearers: President: Bella George; Vice-President: Stephen Aseervatham; Secretary: Liz Guiver; Treasurer & Public Officer: Richard Caitens.  As there were no nominations for the position of Publicity Officer, no one was appointed. Stephen Aseervatham has kindly accepted to continue to manage the web site, for the present.   Jacob George of George & Ridgway was appointed as the Auditors.

A vote of thanks was made to the outgoing President Ian Olver who had contributed to the Board, its Website, developed State branches in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and was notable for his overall encouragement and professionalism in all tasks carried out by him.  He was granted an ?Honorary Life Membership? of the Australian Board.  Bella presented Ian with a Certificate.

The 2015 AGM will be held in Victoria, with the possibility of a visit by the CMC Director or his Representative.

Ian expressed appreciation to Anil Roy and his team of South Australian Friends of Vellore for its hospitality in providing transport, venue and refreshments at St. Matthew?s Church.  The Meeting closed with Ida?s prayer, at 2.15 pm.  Afterwards members attended the annual Dinner of the SA FOV at the Fogolar Furlan Hall in Felixstow.



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