Teaching General Practitioners in India

The Family Medicine Distance Education Programme run by CMC Vellore was started in 2006, in response to the CME needs of the huge numbers of doctors emerging from Indian medical colleges, who settle into general practice (GP) or Family Medicine as it is known in India, without any formal training or requirement to develop or update their skills.

It was started by one of the alumnus, Dr. Vinod Shah ( batch 64), and his team. It has been 8 years now and the programme has been blessed by God, beyond imagination, and has received high praise from many quarters. In 2013, it received full accreditation from the University of Tamil Nadu. It is currently headed by another alumnus, Dr. Jachin Velavan (batch 90).

The course has been very effective in helping GPs to change the way they practise- to take a problem solving approach to diagnosis and management, write rational prescriptions, introduce ethical principles into their practice and change from a ?commercial? to a ?care? focus.

Australian GPs have been involved in this exciting adventure right from the start, including our own graduates. We have helped design the modules, teach in the contact classes, review the programme, and in the many other tasks that are intrinsic to the logistics of running such a vast and successful programme

PRIME (Partnerships in International Medical Education) Australia is the organisation that deals with the Australian end of things; Dr. Owen Lewis is the contact person .They are looking for Australian GPs to teach the contact classes.

If you go to www.healthserve.org.au and click under PROJECTS, you will find the details of PRIME there

It is a very worthwhile investment of the skills time and talents that we all have been blessed with. To give back some of what we have received is a great privilege. Great fun too. And I assure you, your life will never be the same

Renu John ( batch 85)

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