Message from the Director of CMC

Sunil Chandy

Dr. Sunil Chandy’s message to the Friends and Alumni.

Dear Friends and Co-Alumni,

Every five years there is a leadership change in CMC Vellore. One amongst us on the senior  faculty in CMC is chosen by the Council to be the Director of CMC for the next five years. This  year, 2012, is the year where a change is due by the routine processes  of the institution. On the  22nd of September, 2012, I take over the mantle of leadership from Dr. Suranjan Bhattacharji, who has ably led this great institution of ours for the last five years.

I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I belong to the Batch of 1978. I am a Cardiologist and  was Head of Department till recently. My contemporaries between 1973 and 1983 will know me  personally as fellow hostel mates and college mates of the same vintage. Some on either side  of this age window will know me – as teachers, trainers and tutors on the older side and as my  students on the other. All of them together are still a fraction of the entire alumni body. The  larger chunk of the CMC diaspora worldwide, therefore, is likely to ask “Who is this fellow?” Hence this letter!

So to begin, let me say “Vanakkam” to all out there who love and care for our alma mater. You  are the ambassadors of CMC to the wider world outside. My salutations to you for the honour  and reputation you bring to CMC through your work and life. When we hear you over the  reunion weekend every year, it inspires us. We feel proud to belong to the same fraternity,  members of which excel equally well in academics, clinical medicine, cutting edge research and  social causes. I believe ours is the most vibrant, robust, resourceful and fun loving alumni body  anywhere in the world. GOTC, the American incarnation of the union, is a representation of the  collective energy of the alumni. Thank you

CMC is, by God’s grace, an icon on the frontier of healthcare in India and South Asia. CMC is  now becoming more visible as a center of excellence across the shores. In Africa, Middle East  and beyond. You all are part of the-success story. Can we look at how we can enhance this  profile to be relevant on a wider platform.

As we continue on this journey, my sense is that we can make the association between the  Alumni and CMC stronger. We must explore newer ways to enhance the Interaction between  these two institutions. For research, clinical collaborations, knowledge transfer and exchange of  expertise. For fun and frolic as well. Let the CMC Alumni Association be a role model for other nstitutions.

In saying hello, I wish to join hands with you for a partnership that will transcend barriers of  space and time to create something greater, for the glory of God and the honour to our Alma  Mater.

I seek your help, ideas, suggestions and support at all times. My email address is  and my mobile is + 91 9443350389.

Three cheers for the silver and blue.


Sunil Chandy
Director Designate

7th September 2012

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