Australian Vellore Board – AGM – 2011

The Annual General Meeting of the Board was held on 27th August 2011 at The Gap Uniting Church, in Brisbane, Queensland.

The meeting was chaired by the President, Prof. Ian Olver. The special guest of the Board was Professor Lionel Gnanaraj, who was representing the Director of CMC Vellore. Lionel is the professor of urology and medical superintendent of CMC and was accompanied by his wife Jessie, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at CMC,  during their visit to various branches of FOV around the country.

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The meeting opened with devotions by Rev. Brian Lee. This was followed by a report presented by Lionel Gnanaraj on recent developments and future plans for CMC. (See the separate article for a summary of his speech).

Prof Ian Olver presented his Report. The President reported that it is proposed to update the website. The current website has been in place for many years and needs a fresh look. The new website could also provide for on-line donations to CMCH Vellore. The quote for this update is $1,800.  This proposal was accepted unanimously.

A new Director will be appointed for CMCH in 2012. It was agreed that the new Director should be invited to attend the 2013 AGM of the Australian Vellore Board. It was suggested that a member of the faculty, who has recently arrived in Australia, should be invited to attend and speak to the 2012 AGM.

Richard Caitens, the treasurer of the Board attended the recent CMC council meeting in January 2011. In his report he reiterated most of the things which were mentioned by Lionel in his speech and also gave his personal observation of how he perceived the institution and its functioning from an outsider?s point of view; which was very informative.

The various state representatives presented their annual reports on their activities and financial balance sheets. Richard Caitens presented the treasurers report. During the year 2010/11, the Board sent a total of $120,635.00  to CMC Vellore. Publicity officer Stephen Aseervatham in his report mentioned about the need for upgrading the website with the help of a professional and also suggested about producing a new information brochure to reflect the changes and advances  which has taken place in CMC since the last one was published in 1995.

All Office Bearers agreed to stand for re-election ? they were all elected unopposed.

President                   Prof Ian Olver

Vice President            Dr Bella George

Secretary                   Mr John Rothwell

Treasurer                   Mr Richard Caitens

Publicity Officer          Dr Stephen Aseervatham

The next AGM is planned to be held in Hobart, Tasmania on Saturday 18th August 2012. The Tasmanin Friends of  Vellore will be consulted on these arrangements.

The President, Prof Ian Olver, thanked all those present for taking part in the 2011   Annual General Meeting, in particular he thanked Prof Lionel Gnanaraj for coming to  Australia at this time and or contributing to the Meeting with such an interesting and informative address. He also thanked the Queensland branch of the FOV and The Gap Uniting Church for their hospitality.