Report by Dr. Lionel Gnanaraj at the AGM

CMCH Vellore is still in the top 3 Medial Colleges in India. CMCH has the largest output within the various medical societies and forums in research and education and maintains freedom for academic innovation and growth.

Recently the State Government has unconditionally granted permission for the enrolment of 100 MBBS students per year (previously 60) from 2012. As well as, Post graduate seats in medical, surgical and allied health services are to be increased from 112 to 324 and BSc Nursing from 80 to 150. The CMC fee for undergraduate medical students remains at $60/student/year; this makes the education accessible to students from many different backgrounds and gives protection from government interference (currently there is 1 government seat for a medical student).


Drs. Jessie & Lionel Gnanaraj

CMCH needs more space to meet the new needs of this increase in student numbers and 9 new allied Health courses!  Some of these requirements are being met.  At Kagithapattarai, about 2 km from the main hospital, the new College of Nursing and Student Nurses Hostel have been built. This includes a new large library building. A new OPD has been built on Arcot Rd opposite the hospital.  A new Research Facility is established near Bagayam and at the new Chittor Campus (45mins from Vellore), the OPD building has been started and there are future plans for obstetrics and A&E Departments. The local people welcome this development. A property at Kannigapuram has been purchased for resident and research facilities. Education & Training programmes continue with partners with 42 mission hospitals.

The workload in the existing facilities has increase during the past year ? each day there are now 6,183 Outpatients and 2,166 Inpatients as well as increases in the work of the allied health services.

All areas of the CMC&H are expanding with outreach continuing in CHAD, RUSHA, LCECU, CONCH and MAHE.   Distance Education now trains 600 Post-graduate students in Family Medicine; 150 General Practice?s are assisted with training and 35 other courses are provided.   There are now 8,475 members of staff and study leave is encouraged for faculty members and sabbatical leave is available
for medical, nursing, allied health and general administration staff as well as some Training Fellowships.   The Development Office provides publicity for all Departments of CMCH.   Although the patients pay 99% of their costs, the finances are assisted by endowments for education, research, and the care of poor patients


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