Where do our contributions go?

There are many ways you could take part in the medical mission at Vellore.

Centenary Endowment Fund

This Fund is administered by CMC’s Promotions Office through the Public Relations Office, seeks to become a continuing resource to enable major life-saving operations to be performed on those who could otherwise never afford them. Donations to this fund are retained as capital and invested. Only the interest on the corpus fund is used to allocate grants. Major grants of up to Rs.2,00,000 (A$ 4000.00) are given to deserving patients, only after a home visit to check eligibility and need. For this reason these grants are only available to local patients, living within 30 km of Vellore.

Smaller grants of up to Rs. 50,000 (A$1000.00) are made to patients resident in the districts of Vellore and Chittoor (AP), i.e., those patients who lived beyond 30 kms of CMC where home visits cannot be made.

Recently, a provision has been made to provide Rs. 50,000 from the Centenary Endowment Fund for deserving patients who require financial support for an emergency medical need, without assessment of their socio-economic status.

The priority is usually given to those who are the sole bread winner for their families. The number of applications for grants is usually at least ten times greater than the fund’s capacity. The objective is to continue to build the Endowment so that more and more patients can be helped.

The Centenary Endowment Fund is also used to support deserving patients who have met with unexpected Complications. This helps patients who came to hospital expecting to pay a certain amount, but this has increased radically because of some unforeseen complication. Normally, grants of up to Rs.1 lakh (A$2000.00) per month per patient per unit / department can be given.

The Person-to-Person (PTP)

PTP Fund accepts one-off as well as regular donations of all sizes from people around the world, and uses these to make small grants of up to Rs. 5,000 (A$100.00) to individual patients at CMC, based on strict criteria and the recommendations of the medical staff treating the patient. Reports of the grantee’s social, economic and medical standing are sent back to tell the donors about the people helped through their donation, so that there is a personal link.

In the year 2015-16, a total of Rs. 1,26,12,477 (A$252,250.00) was distributed to 2,952 patients. This fund is managed by the PTP Office. Many staff members contribute to the PTP each month by salary deduction.

The Development Office Emergency Fund

This Fund provides emergency help for poor patients who need expensive medical treatment urgently. We also use it as ‘top up’ funding for patients who have not been able to raise the full cost of their treatment from other sources, enabling them to have an important operation without further delay.

Through this, we have been able to help a large number of people with grants from Rs. 10,000 (A$200.00) up to Rs.1 Lakh (A$2000.00). This fund gives a lot of flexibility and speed in that it is available for any economically needy patient from any part of the country and grant applications are normally processed within one or two days.

This fund is supported entirely by voluntary donations from individuals and a few organisations. Most people make an outright donation to the fund, but there is also maintained a list of a few people who are willing for to be approached by the institution from time to time, with details of needs. They can then give directly to help a specific person, if they wish to. This may be an attractive option for people who want to know exactly where their money will go, or who want to give to help a particular type of patient (for example only women, or only children).

Designated Donations

We are often approached by friends and or alumni of CMC who wish to donate for a specific cause in relation to the activities at Vellore. The Oncology department at Vellore was originally established by such a donation by alumni belonging to a particular undergraduate class. Some have donated for specific equipments or building a ward for a clinical department and even for conducting Continuing Medical Education Seminars at CMC in their field of interest. A bequest from NSW donated towards establishing a scholarship to educate a medical student in need at CMC. Designated donations provide opportunity for those worthy causes which do not get funding for various reasons. The undergraduate medical alumni living abroad have been quite proactive in promoting many projects in CMC.

Hugh Skeil from the Development office periodically compiles a list of projects which need funding. If you are interested in finding about it, please contact us and we will be very happy to provide you with details.


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