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Message From the President – Mahiban Thomas

Dear Fellow Alumni of the greatest Medical College in the universe,

Allow me to wish each of you, and every member of your family a safe and blessed 2019.

Allow me to commence this report with a note on Gathering Of The CHristian Medical College Australian Alumni that was held in 2018. This was the 14th meeting of this group.

We had a wonderful and a very vibrant meeting in Uluru and Alice Springs this year, running from the 27th to the 30th of September; the hosts, Dr Isaac Muthiah and Dr Lakshmi were absolute stars, with detailed and careful preparation, taking care of each person attending with love and incredible personal touches.

We gathered officially for a scientific session on the 27th at the Lungata room Sails in the Desert, Uluru, at 1500.

We commenced with the lighting of a Memorial Candle by the eldest Alumni in the room (Dr Chandran Savarirayan), and a reading of Psalm 91 and the names of the Alumni who had passed on through the previous 12 months (Dr Mani Rajagopalan).
The talks scheduled for that afternoon covered the management of skin cancers (Dr Bishaka Rajagopalan, Dermatologist), the hot topic of faecal transplants (Dr Steven Bollipo, Gastroenterologist), the management of diabetic eye disease (Dr Nitin Verma, Ophthalmologist), and on the renal services at Central Australia (Dr Sajiv Cherian, Nephrologist). It was very well received, and greatly enjoyed buy all present, with extended discussions following each discourse. With 60 Alumni and their families present, and with the spirit of the GBs in CMC ruling, with no holds barred, it made for an interesting start to the meeting!

However, I can assure you that the discussion over dinner that evening was almost universally limited to shit…..

We were able to enjoy the Field of Lights show that was in place in Uluru that evening. It was magical, and I am sorry that any of our pictures cannot do it much justice.

The next morning, we met early, at the foot of Uluru, and had a Communion Service; the quiet, cool desert air, the atmosphere of seeking Christ and finding Him, lovely singing, a message that built us towards the messages that followed over the next two mornings as well, and a simple communion, with some bread and port – were all enjoyed by the large group that attended. Rev Mal Sercombe, who is the senior pastor at the Darwin Baptist Church, and the current Baptist Bishop for the NT, was doing his second year as our spiritual guide, and was warmly welcomed. Isaac and Lakshmi’s planning and providence was on show, with packed breakfast for all provided there!

While a few of us flew to Alice, most of us drove there that morning. We spent that evening at the Parrtjima Festival at Alice Springs, and many of us were seen enjoying the wares at the Hanuman Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel in Alice, which was were the vast majority stayed.

The next morning, we had a devotional that was extremely well attended, and this was followed by another scientific session. This consisted of wide-ranging talks again, covering Head & Neck Infections, the challenges of establishing a renal service in Central Australia and its current challenges, the interesting linkages between genetics and sin, and lastly an update on the management of chronic pain. Again, the questions flew thick and fast, and a lively session was halted only to permit the Annual General Body Meeting to occur.
The AGM happened over a delicious lunch, and routine business was conducted. The body agreed to continue close relationship and engagement with colleagues and friends who were alumni of CMC Ludhiana, without any formal membership in the CMC Vellore’s Alumni group.

A visit to Simpson’s Gap was thoroughly enjoyed by all that afternoon.
We had our Alumni Dinner that evening and get to know each other a lot more! Following on from last year, we now have almost 60 members our WhatsApp group, and would welcome fellow Alumni to become a member, as we plan our next GOTCHA at Bali! Dr Isaac has enjoyed the role of establishing this meeting, and he will continue to be the Coordinator and host in 2019.

Ideally, this will be a holiday as well as a reunion, with plans to meeting there as early as the 22nd of September 2019, and finishing up with a Communion Service on the 29th of September 2019. Details of this meeting are available from either Dr Isaac ([email protected]) or from me. Ideally, if you can join the WhatsApp group, you will enjoy the conversation and will be kept fully aware of the plans.

It will certainly be child friendly, and I am hopeful that we will also get it CME approved, which will make it tax deductible.

As we continue to minister, let our light shine in 2019. Some of you will be aware that Dr Mohan Rao was awarded the OAM in 2018; there are many who serve with the devotion and care that we associate with our alma mater, and I pray that we will continue to be a blessing to many.

Mahiban Thomas



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CMC Alumni Association

Newsletter 2019

Dear Friends,

In this Alumni Newsletter we summarize key events involving alumni in 2019.

Many departments in CMC, as well as its extramural and intramural alumni, made notable achievements in 2019. At the end of the year, it is good to review these accolades and celebrate our successes.

This newsletter also lists alumni who passed away in 2019 and whose lives, work, and friendship we honour and cherish.

We will be grateful if alumni could provide write-ups, pictures, reflections, or obituaries for inclusion in the website: ( Our new Editor has revived the Alumni Journal so kindly give of your literary talents.

Christmas is a season of hope, peace and goodwill. We wish you all happiness and fulfilment. As we are at the brink of another new year, let us renew and rededicate ourselves to uphold the motto of our Alma Mater: “Not to be ministered unto but to minister”. We have an important role in today’s world of greed, deception and superficiality to committed service, promoting peace, upholding values and alleviating suffering.

Three cheers for the “Silver and Blue”.

With warm regards and best wishes,
Abraham Peedicayil (1975)
Vaibhav Londhe (1992) President Secretary

On behalf of the Office Bearers and staff at the Alumni Office

 Newsletter 2019

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Issue 1  August 2019

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